Napa Rose Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures – Guide to Going Without Kids

Napa Rose Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures – Guide to Going Without Kids

I had the most amazing time attending the media preview earlier this week for the Napa Rose (located at the Grand Californians Hotel) Disney Princess Breakfasts Adventures. I went with my daughter, and it was such a memorable experience for her! I created a guide of going with kids here. When I did my coverage though, I was asked by a LOT of people if it would be fun to also go without kids.

So to give you all the full scoop, I went with my friend Tiff wearing Buckle-Down princess cinch belts to compare the experiences! The summary: the format of the breakfast is the same as with kids, but there’s some differences in what you get. Before you’re seated, you get a glass of champagne which is included in the $125 breakfast. You also get to meet Rapunzel! When you go with kids, you automatically get an autograph book and pen. When you’re without kids you can receive this but you have to request it, it’s not automatically given to you.


Once seated, we had 4 princesses come to our table throughout the three course meal. Even though we had no kids with us, the interaction with the princesses were still thorough and not rushed. For the three courses I ordered the vegan options:

The danish was a vegan almond croissant. (Pictured at the bottom)

The 1st course was a piece of toast with avocado, cucumber and fried onion, along with a caramelized banana with jam, a coconut chia seed pudding parfait and a veggie sandwich on sourdough bread.

For the 2nd course buffet, they have fresh fruit and sautéed veggies. They have vegan Mickey waffles, tofu scramble and Impossible burger meat available upon request.

For the 3rd course dessert tray I got a coconut cranberry cookie, chocolate cake pop, tapioca pudding and a sorbet with cotton candy.

I was super impressed with their vegan spread! After eating and seeing the rest of the princesses, you receive complimentary Photopass photos with Ariel, a Napa Rose Disney Princess Breakfast a Adventures backpack and a special box of princess truffles.

The Breakdown of Price and What You Get as an Adult:

The price is $125 per person (not including tax or gratuity). The experience is about 2 1/2 hours, it’s very relaxing and luxurious! As an adult you receive:

  • 3 course gourmet breakfast
  • Glass of champagne
  • 8 princess meet-and-greets
  • Complimentary Photopass photos with Ariel
  • Drawstring backpack
  • Box of truffles
  • Upon request, autograph book and pen

You also get 5 hours of complimentary valet at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. The main difference is you don’t receive the Swarovski Crystal Tiara necklace like children get. Overall, I still thought it was well worth the money. It would be a great wedding shower, birthday celebration or girl’s brunch! It happens every Thursday through Monday 8am-12pm, click here to find reservations.

Napa Rose Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure Without Kids

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