Moana Bento Box Snacks

Moana Bento Box

Inspired by Moana Bento Box! A quick and easy way to add some Disney fun for back to school lunches! - Back to school bento box - easy bento box - healthy kid lunches - healthy Disney food

If there’s something kids and parents can’t get enough of, it’s a cute bento box! It’s such a simple concept, but by compartmentalizing your food you simply get instant cute. Lately, I’ve been packing snacks and lunches for my daughter constantly, since summer means more trips to the pool, to the beach, and to Disneyland. Healthy snacks that my daughter will enjoy to have readily on hand is essential! Since her favorite Disney movie at the moment is Moana, I decided to create an easy Moana-inspired bento box full of tasty snacks.



  • Carrot Sticks
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Hummus
  • Sriracha (Optional)
  • Blueberries
  • Coconut
  • Green apple slices


In the largest bento box compartment, I placed a layer of carrot sticks and pretzel sticks, to mimic the tones of Moana’s dress. At the bottom, I placed a helping of hummus to dip carrots and pretzels in, and topped with a sriracha swirl, to look like Moana’s sail. In one of the smaller compartments, I placed green apple slices since Maui wears green, and there are lots of tropical green plants in the movie. In the last compartment, I placed blueberries and coconut, to represent the colors of the ocean, and as a nod to Moana’s island’s main crop. I thought channeling the colors and symbols from Moana would be a great way to have a Moana bento box, to make for a fun lunch that’s a simpler route to food art, for when you’re in a hurry! And what better inspiration for a bento box for a day at the beach than Moana?

I would love to hear where you’re going to be packing a Moana bento box for your summer adventures with your family! I will definitely be creating more for back to school, and would love to hear what Disney movie you would like to see a bento box based on next!

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