Top 8 Mickey Mouse Kitchen Items to Add Disney Magic to Your Home

Top 8 Mickey Mouse Kitchen items - Disney kitchen decor - Mickey Mouse decor

Top 8 Mickey Mouse Kitchen Items to Add Disney Magic to Your Home

Top 8 Mickey Mouse Kitchen items - Disney kitchen decor - Mickey Mouse decor

It is the dream of all Disney-obsessed adults: To have a house decorated head-to-toe with Disney decor! I have quite the Disney collection of art and knick knacks in my house, and being a foodie hope to someday have a head-to-toe Mickey Mouse kitchen! Here is a little list of some items I would love to have to add some touches of Mickey to my kitchen!


8. Mickey Mouse 1-Cup Coffee Maker

This Mickey Mouse coffee maker looks like it came straight out of Toontown! I love it! The only downside is….it’s a one-cup coffee maker! I don’t know about you, but I need about 2 cups in my giant coffee cup I drink from to get me going in the morning! You can find this adorable coffee maker at Disney Store’s website here.


7. Mickey & Minnie Retro Salt & Pepper Shakers

The Mickey and the Minnie figurines are the salt and pepper shakers, and the cute red convertible is the salt & pepper shaker holder! I love that this shaker has a retro look, making it a timeless kitchen piece, and the perfect way to add a subtle touch of Mickey to your kitchen table. You can find it at the Disney Store here.


6. Mickey Mouse Icon Serving Set

I love that the Mickey heads on this serving set are subtle, making this set perfect for casual or more formal get togethers. When hosting a meal, your guests are sure to be impressed when they notice the cute little Mickey’s on the serving set! You can find these here at DisneyStore.com.


5. Mickey Mouse Toaster

I love that this Mickey Mouse toaster features Mickey with his “pie eyes”, giving this toaster a 1950’s feel. And the ultimate best thing about it? It prints a Mickey shape on your toast! You can find it on Disney Store’s website here.


4. Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

If you want to bring home the nostalgia of Disney Park’s Mickey waffle’s to your home, this is the perfect thing to have in your kitchen! I use it all the time, since I am always experimenting new waffle and pancake recipes (Yep, you can use it for pancakes too!). You can find it here at Kohl’s.


3. Mickey Mouse Popcorn Popper

Being a health nut, I love popping my own popcorn kernels, since it allows me to know what ingredients are in my popcorn! Not only is this Mickey popcorn popper helpful for that, but how perfect would it be to use on Disney family movie nights? You can find it on Box Lunch here.


2. Mickey Mouse Muffin Mold

You may be wondering, why is a simple muffin mold number 2 on this round-up? Because with this muffin mold, you can make pretty much any food Mickey-shaped! I use this muffin mold to make Mickey-shaped egg cups, cheesecakes, popsicles, the possibilities are endless! Some imagination, huh? 😉 You can find it at Disney Store’s website here.


1. Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker

When you lead a busy life but still want to cook from home, a slow cooker is the answer to all your problems! Not only is it super convenient, but whenever I make food in the slow cooker it is absolutely incredible! Which leads me to believe anything cooked in this Mickey Mouse slow cooker will have your taste buds saying, “Oh, boy!” You can find it here on Box Lunch


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