An Inside Look at MECH-X4

A new Disney XD show is premiering tonight! MECH-X4 is a fun, action-packed show about highschool freshman Ryan Walker. Ryan Walker, who seems like a typical high schooler, comes to find out that he is a “technopath”, or someone who has the ability to control technology with his mind. Ryan, with the help of his two best friends and older brother, work together to operate a 150-foot robot, called MECH-X4, to help stop monsters who are suddenly attacking their city. Ryan works to control MECH-X4 with his mind, while his crew work to operate the robot’s weapons, mechanics, and defense systems.

I recently got the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the first episode, and meet the four main cast members, Nathaniel J. Potvin (Ryan Walker), Kamran Lucas (Harris, one of Ryan’s friends), Pearce Joza (Spyder, another of Ryan’s best friends), and Raymond Alexander Cham Jr. (Mark Walker, Ryan’s older brother). Since I love to write about the Disney Parks, I wanted to get to know a bit about the cast’s love of the parks, too, and what their favorite rides are:


Nathaniel J. Potvin: Favorite park is Disneyland, favorite ride is Hyperspace Mountain (the Star Wars Space Mountain overlay for Season of the Force).

Kamran Lucas: Favorite park is Walt Disney World, favorite ride is Splash Mountain. He also mentioned he can’t wait to check out Disneyland Shangai.

Pearce Joza: Favorite park is Disneyland, favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Raymond Alexander Cham Jr.: Favorite park is Disneyland, and favorite ride is Indiana Jones.


It seems very befitting that the four main actors behind this action-filled show love the thrill rides at the parks!

MECH-X4 is a show you definitely don’t want to miss, after just the one one-hour episode I saw, I am already excitedly awaiting to see what happens in episode 2!

MECH-X4 premieres on Disney Channel November 11th, at 8:30PM EDT. You can check out a sneak peek below:

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