Have a Lion King Viewing Party!

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Have a Lion King Viewing Party!

August 15th is an exciting day because The Lion King comes out on Blu-Ray! To celebrate, my family and I decided to have a Lion King-themed viewing party. We made Timon sandwiches, vegan Pumba cookies, “grub” skewers, Simba hummus and veggies, and golden paw refresher!

For appetizers, I made a veggie and hummus tray. I printed Disney Style’s Simba stencil at 70% scale, and cut it out. I placed it on top of the hummus, and sprinkled paprika around the stencil, and then removed the paper to reveal Simba!


So you can enjoy some healthy and delicious grub like Timon and Pumba, I made skewers to look like colorful grubs! I made skewers with cherry tomatoes, some with green grapes, and some with purple grapes.


For another snack, I created Timon cheese sandwiches. To create these, take two pieces of whole wheat bread (I use Dave’s Killer bread), and place cheese in the middle. Cut out a rounded, triangle shape for Timon’s head. Using rye bread, cut out teardrop shapes for his ears, and cut out small triangles and place upside down for his nose. Use olive halves for his eyes.


For dessert, I created healthy vegan chocolate cookies inspired by Pumba! You can get the full recipe here.


To drink, I made Golden Paw Refreshers using a paw-print shaped silicon ice cube tray. I blended one ripe mango with 1/4 cup of apple juice, and then poured the puree in the paw molds. Once frozen, I placed one in a cup of water, to give a refreshing, mango-infused water with some Lion King flaire.


As the centerpiece, my husband drew pride rock on a chalk board using chalk pens. You can find more of his amazing art work here.


For the decorations, I got a yellow table cloth, leaf garland, gold streamers, gold plates, and gold straws, all very affordably at Target! You can find the links to them down below, and of course, a link of where you can buy online or reserve in-store The Lion King Blu-Ray at Target!

Jungle Leaves Garland

Gold Streamer

Gold Paper Straws

Gold Paper Plates

The Lion King Blu-Ray at Target


Have a great Lion King inspired viewing party while enjoying this gorgeous movie in Blu-Ray!


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