Healthy and Quick Weeknight Dinners With Ling Ling

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Making Weeknight Dinners a Breeze

Ling Ling Asian Kitchen Fried Rice dishes are one of my favorite go-to's for healthy weeknight dinners that are quick and easy! #FriedRiceFriday #IC Ad

Like most millennial families, mine has a very hectic schedule. Most of the time, my husband and my schedule’s do not coincide, leaving dinner time to be the only time where we can both gather with my daughter and have bonding time. Since we make eating healthy a priority in our household, we would cook our meals each night at home. That way, not only are we able to know we are eating healthy, but we can also eat according to our budget. Although I absolutely love cooking or my family, prepping ingredients, cooking, and spending a lot of time cleaning up dishes took up a lot of our bonding time. I was beginning to feel like we weren’t having quality time catching up and giving our daughter both mommy and daddy time and attention at dinner. To help my problem, I went to Albertsons to find a frozen meal that could help me regain time with my family.

I came across Ling Ling Fried Rice in the frozen aisle, and one of the flavors was Chinese-Style Vegetable, a vegetarian option perfect for me and my daughter (who are both vegetarian). We all love Asian cuisine, so I knew this would be a hit at dinner time. Another huge selling point for me was that Ling Ling was a frozen meal option for my family that used all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors. This would fit perfectly to help maintain our all-natural lifestyle.

I brought it home to try for Friday night dinner, the perfect time to have an easy dinner after a busy week. I simple placed the frozen meal on the stove to heat up, and served it by itself. Ling Ling Chinese-Style Vegetable Fried Rice is packed with veggies: Edamame, carrots, corn, and red bell peppers. Along with a great helping of vegetables, it has fried rice that is uniquely prepared using an Infusion Cooking Method, which infuses each gain of rice with flavor. The whole dish is made complete by being topped with their soy-based sauce.

It was a hit at the dinner table, and was pleased to see that even my picky toddler loved Ling Ling. It was a meal solution that fit my budget, my dietary preferences, and most importantly, helped us all regain much needed family time!


Where to Buy Ling Ling

You can learn more about Ling Ling Asian Kitchen’s whole line of fried rice flavors, each created perfectly using the infusion cooking method and topped with signature sauces, by visiting their website here, or on Ling Ling’s Faceook page. You can find where to buy Ling Ling using their store locator.

Save off Your First Box of Ling Ling

To save $2 off your first box of Ling Ling Fried Rice to make for an even more budget friendly, tasty dinner, you can get a $2 off coupon here.

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