Jim Henson’s DOOZERS Season 2 Now on Hulu!

Disclosure: I attended a DOOZERS event at Jim Henson and attended a pre-screening of season 2.

Jim Henson’s DOOZERS Season 2 Now on Hulu!

For decades, the Jim Henson company has created cherished movies and television shows, that educate and inspire creativity. One of their current preschool shows, Jim Henson’s DOOZERS on Hulu, continues to deliver the values of the Henson company to a new generation with this incredibly fun and cute STEM-education centric show. And yes, for those ’80’s kids thinking the word “doozers” sounds familiar, the show is inspired by the Doozers from Fraggle Rock!

Jim Henson’s DOOZERS, which season 2 has debuted today on Hulu, is about a group of best friends called the Pod Squad who live in Doozer Creek, which is a fantastical, modern, and eco-friendly community. In each episode the Pod Squad works together to come up with solutions to problems using either eco-friendly solutions, engineering-centric solutions, or science to come up with fun yet practical solutions to problem solving. Jim Henson’s DOOZERS promotes the message that kids can do anything (hence the slogan of the Pod Squad, “Let’s do do do it!”). DOOZERS was the first show to be original programming on Hulu Kids, and has a ground-breaking design thinking curriculum incorporated into every episode.

My 3-year-old daughter is someone who definitely likes to figure out how to do things on her own and problem solve, which is why I think she loves the show so much. Not only does the theme song immediately get her excited and dancing, but she is very enthralled in each episode as she learns more about problem solving and the world around her – you can tell she finds it really interesting and stimulating! And as a long-time Jim Henson fan myself, I really enjoy watching the show along with her on Hulu. We recently even celebrated the premiere of season 2 of DOOZERS at Jim Henson Studios, where we got to see the first 2 episodes, as well as do crafts such as painting flower pots, and creating rainbows!

Enjoy watching the adventures of the Pod Squad in Doozer Creek, with 2 seasons now on Hulu! And to join in more of the Jim Henon’s DOOZERS fun and win some DOOZERS and Hulu prizes, be sure to tune in online to the Twitter party I’m participating in with some other fellow bloggers – you can get all the info and RSVP here.

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