Healthy Eating at Disneyland – Galactic Grill

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill

Healthy Eating at Disneyland – Galactic Grill

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill

Two of my greatest loves are healthy eating + Disney, and when the two come together I have to share it with my readers! Of course I love to cook and make healthy food at home, with some Disney-inspired recipes and some healthier Disney parks food copycat recipes, but it’s also important as a frequent park-goer to know how to eat healthy at the Disney parks themselves!

There is often more to a Disney menu than meets the eye; frequently there are secret menu items that are vegan, gluten free, etc. After all, the Disney Parks have millions of visitors each year with a wide variety of dietary needs to accommodate. This week, I decided to go to Galactic Grill for breakfast for the first time, and act as healthy food detective to let all of you know what the healthiest options are available to you there.

The Galactic Grill is located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It was previously called Tomorrowland Terrace, with now a new Star Wars-themed menu to coordinate with Season of the Force. You can take a look at the regular and children’s menu below:

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill


The Healthiest Options

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill

Me with the Moisture Farm Fresh Fruit Platter, ears by Be Ear Guest.

Being a vegetarian and health nut, I get used to making a lot of requests at restaurants. I know some people don’t feel comfortable doing that, so if what you’re going for is to order exactly what’s on the menu, these are the healthiest options:


  • Breakfast Burrtio: Scrambled eggs, chorizo, potatoes, and pico de gallo. Served with fresh fruit.
  • Vegetarian* Moisture Farm Fresh Fruit Platter: Mini bran muffin, LOTS of fresh fruit, and yogurt to dip.
  • Kid Menu* Padawan Breakfast Plate: Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes and fresh fruit.


The Disney parks are also known for their large portions, so if you’re wanting to finish your plate without worrying about portion control, then I would order the Padawan Breakfast Plate, since it’s a kids menu item it’s a nice size without being too huge. Great if you want to have enough of a appetite to try lots of fun snacks at the park all day!

The Moisture Farm Fresh Fruit Platter was so delicious, and the fruit tasted very fresh! I highly recommend it.


Healthy Customizations and Substitutes

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Galactic Grill

Baby Bantha Bread with fresh fruit and turkey bacon.

Unfortunately, there were no vegan or gluten free options at this restaurant (I asked a couple cast members there to be sure). But this restaurant is great for breakfast for vegetarians and meat-eaters.

If you want to make the items at Galactic Grill more suited to your healthy lifestyle, here are some of my customization tips for this particular Disneyland restaurant:

  • For plates that come with bacon, substitute turkey bacon, they have it here!
  • If you want to order the breakfast burrito and make it as light as possible but still filling, I recommend asking for no potatoes and subbing the turkey bacon for chorizo. Chorizo has a lot of sodium, and could contribute to dehydration during  a long day at the park!
  • Although the Bantha blue milk bread isn’t incredibly healthy, my husband and I had to try a taste! Although it’s important to eat healthy the majority of the time, having some fun Disney treats once in a while is fun, it’s all about balance! If you’re going to order the Bantha blue milk bread ask for no powdered sugar on top, and ask for honey instead of maple syrup on the side. Natural maple syrup is great, but the maple syrup at Galactic Grill is made with artificial sugar and corn syrup. Honey is the way to go!


It was a delicious experience, and a great quick service breakfast option. I love anything Star Wars themed! Check out my video below for more pictures of my Disneyland Galactic Grill breakfast experience:

Happy healthy eating at Disneyland’s Galactic Grill for breakfast!

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