Gluten Free Chocolate & Vanilla Cake Pops

Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!

One of my favorite desserts at Disneyland are the Mickey Ice Cream Bars! Delicious milk chocolate shell on the outside, and creamy vanilla ice cream on the inside. With my birthday being this month, I wanted to do a series of Disney-inspired cakes, so I decided to make gluten-free, chocolate & vanilla Mickey cake pop…sort of a cake version of the Mickey Ice Cream bar, if you will!

Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!

To make my cake pops, I used Pamela’s brand vanilla cake mix, and vanilla frosting mix. You can find these at almost any grocery store chain, and they are gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free. Another bonus? They taste super decadent and rich with vanilla flavor!


Makes 12 cake pops

  • 1 package of Pamela’s vanilla cake mix
  • 3
  • 1 package of Pamela’s vanilla frosting mix
  • 2 cups of dark chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil


Step 1. Follow the instructions on the back of your Pamela’s vanilla cake bag, and bake according to instructions.

Step 2. After the cake is baked, cool in the fridge for at least an hour.

Step 3. Break apart your cake in a large bowl until it becomes cake crumbs.

Step 4. Make half the package of Pamela’s cake frosting mix, according to instructions.

Step 5. Mix the frosting and the cake crumbs throughouly, so that is is moldable and sticky.

Step 6. Using either your hands or a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter, mold your cake pops into a Mickey shape. Make sure the cake is very tightly packed. Place your shapes on a pan or tray.

Step 7. Once your cake pop shapes are created, place a cake pop stick in the middle of each one.

Step 8. Place cake pops in the freezer for three hours, or overnight.

Step 9. Mix your chocolate chips and coconut oil and heat on the stove top till all your chips are melted.

Step 10. Transfer your chocolate mixture to a bowl, and allow it to cool off a bit (but not harden).

Step 11. Dip your frozen cake pops into your chocolate mixture, then place back on their tray.

Step 12. Freeze or refrigerate until chocolate hardens.

Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!
Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!
Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!
Gluten-Free Mickey Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops!

Your Mickey-shaped, gluten-free chocolate and vanilla cake pops are now ready to enjoy! I love to make these on a rainy day, or even to serve at a party (rather than having to slice a cake). They are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter your dietary needs!

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