My Favorite Fall Fitness Products

My top fall fitness picks

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My Favorite Fall Fitness Products

Even though summer might be over, I’m still committed to exercising! Fall is actually one of my favorite times of year to go out and be active, since the air feels so crisp and fresh, and most of the time in Southern California fall is the perfect running weather no matter what time of day! I recently tried out a few items to compliment my workouts, and wanted to share about some of my favorites here!

Top fall fitness picks!


Tiger Balm: Active Muscle Spray

Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray, Tiger Balm Active, Tiger Balm

In addition to a daily run, I often try to challenge myself by doing new weight-lifting and ab exercises at the gym. Any fitness fanatic knows that continuously challenging yourself to gain strength means some sore muscles! Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray has been a very effective quick solution to relieving aching muscles or sore feet, and is super easy to apply since you just spray where needed! You can learn more about it here.


GO Comfort Insoles

Speaking of sore feet….since I run nearly everyday and am almost always on my feet, I had just come to accept that sore feet were always inevitable. I tried out the GO Comfort Athletic Insole (they also offer All Day Insole and Work Insole), and couldn’t believe what a difference they made! From the first day of using I already felt such an improvement in the comfort of my feet when I went running. At the end of the night I had absolutely no foot pain after running and weight lifting. You can find GO Comfort Insoles on their website here, plus get 20% off your purchase + free shipping using code GOcomfortBB20. (Code valid until 12/31/18)


CELIUS Original Line: Sparkling Kiwi Guava

CELSIUS: Your Ultimate Fitness Partner®

On days where I am feeling sluggish or unmotivated, I love to have a drink that gives me energy! One that I recently tried out was CELSIUS, since it had 0 calories! I instantly loved the fizzy taste of the sparkling kiwi guava! I quickly understood why they refer to themselves as CELSIUS: Your Ultimate Fitness Partner®, since it accelerates metabolism to help burn fat and calories more effectively. I definitely felt more energized, and was more productive during my workout and the rest of my day after having one! You can learn more on their website here.


AfterShokz: Trekz Air

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones

Something that has always bothered me is that I’ve never been able to listen to music or podcasts while running. Earbuds have never fit in my ears properly, they always slip out! When I found out about AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones, which rest over your ears rather than having to rest inside them, I had to try them out! Soundwaves are emitted through your cheekbones which translate to hearing what your phone is sending over bluetooth, which allows you to simultaneously hear ambient noise while running. Not only do I find it soothing to be able to hear ambient noise as well as my podcasts, but it’s been so nice for me to finally run with headphones that don’t fall out of my ears – being able to hear both sounds has definitely made me feel more motivated and inspired as an athlete. You can learn more about AfterShokz here, plus get $55 off using code BABBLE. (Discount code valid until 11/1/18)


These four items have really helped make my workouts more comfortable, more energized, and upped my game! The four of them paired together has made my fitness journey all the better!

My top fall fitness picks
My top fall fitness picks
My top fall fitness picks

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