The El Capitan Theatre is Offering Mickey Pretzels To-Go!

El Capitan Concessions to go

The El Capitan Theatre Concessions To Go (Including Mickey Pretzels)

Yes you read the title correctly, and yes it is a dream come true. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can now eat Mickey pretzels AT HOME! The El Capitan Theatre is Disney’s theatre in Hollywood. It’s where my family and I have had countless memories. Some of mine and my husband’s first dates were seeing Disney movies there, we’ve gotten together with friends to dress themed to see Disney films there, and I’ve even had the honor of going to Disney movie premieres at El Capitan.

When I saw on The El Capitan Theatre’s Instagram that they were offering movie concessions to-go Friday through Sunday, we ordered right away. We were definitely eager to have a bit of The El Capitan Theatre’s Disney movie magic at home. They have offerings that include Mickey pretzels of course, plus popcorn buckets, ICEEs, candy, and hot dogs. Below I outlined how to order and how to pick up below:

  1. Pick an order date and pick-up time online here. Right now they offer Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They only have the current weekend listed, but will have next weekend listed closer to the date (approximately on Thursday)
  2. Once you pick your date and time, select your bundle. We ordered two of Bundle #2. That particular bundle is $9 each and includes a popcorn bucket, Mickey pretzel with cheese sauce, and a drink of your choice (water bottle, soda or ICEE). If you would prefer to not do a bundle, you can also order items individually. You also have the option to add on individual items to your bundle. For example, we added on a bag of sour Skittles for $2.50.
  3. You will receive your email confirmation with all the pick-up details and confirmation after you’ve paid for your order!
  4. When you arrive at The El Capitan Theatre during your pick-up date and time window, you will pull into the driveway next to the front of El Capitan Theatre. Drive down the driveway along the left side of the theatre and you’ll see two parking spots designated for movie concessions pick-up.
  5. Call the number on the parking spot sign (and in your confirmation email) and provide your name and let them know you’re there. 
  6. An El Capitan cast member will bring out your order in a bag, and place on a table for you to pick up. After the cast member sets down the bag, they take a step back from the table so you can pick-up your order contactless and with social distance! And of course both guests and cast members wear facemasks.
  7. As you leave, you can take a picture on the red carpet and step-and-repeat wall they set outside! I was super happy to see this since I always love El Capitan’s photo opps, so thought it was perfect they made the pick-up experience magical with a photo opportunity.
el capitan concessions to go

At the step-and-repeat wall they had set up

el capitan concessions to go

Ordered two of Bundle#2 – popcorn bucket, Mickey pretzel with cheese and an ICEE

Activity packet that came with our order

When we got home, we saw in the bag they also placed an activity packet with El Capitan themed coloring pages and activity sheets, as well as a packet of crayons. When you visit The El Capitan Theatre when it’s normally operating, they have a table with coloring pages and crayons in the lobby. This has always been a highlight for my daughter, and great if she ever got antsy watching a movie. I thought this was a great extra touch to have The El Capitan Theatre experience at home. As usual, the wonderful team of cast members there went above and beyond to add magic during this time when we are adjusting to having our Disney magic at home!

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