My Experience Attending the Dumbo World Premiere

My Experience Attending the Dumbo World Premiere

A bucket list item since I was a child was to attend a Disney red carpet! That dream came true last year when I attending the my first Disney red carpet for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. I was beyond thrilled once I got that pixie dust in my email inviting me to the world premiere of Dumbo, the live action remake directed by Tim Burton. This particular premiere invite really had me excited since Tim Burton has been my favorite director for many years, inspiring me creatively and being the mastermind behind so many of my favorite films. Also, this movie is a remake of a classic film I have always loved, really making this premiere full of nostalgia for me! The whole night had me feeling like I was in a dream.

Before the Premiere

As you all know if you follow me on Instagram, I just love the opportunity to wear a themed outfit! Since this was a Disney world premiere, and the world premiere of Tim Burton’s Dumbo, I had to go over-the-top! My friend David who creates amazing designs (you can find his Instagram here) designed me a wonderful dress that encompassed vintage circus glam. With the gorgeous embellished dress he made me, I had to have the perfect stand out shoes to go with it! Irregular Choice was kind enough to send me their amazing “Sweet Little Dumbo” boots for the occasion. If there were shoes worthy of a red carpet, it’s definitely Irregular Choice! Their stuff is fabulous!

David then paired my dress and shoes with a faux fur pink jacket, which I really think helped complete the whole look! We had some fun doing photos before the premiere at Hollywood and Highland, overlooking the Dumbo billboard above El Capitan Theatre, and by where they have elephant statues in the mall’s courtyard.

The World Premiere Party and Red Carpet!

It was then time to attend the red carpet! Upon entering, you go under a big arch that says “Dumbo World Premiere”. Just like going to a Disney Park where there’s amazing visuals and storytelling everywhere you look, a Disney premiere is the same way. You get the excitement of seeing the world premiere sign with yards and yards of red carpet leading to the main entrance. In those moments walking up you already think, “how could it get any better than this?” Then you walk inside to a jaw-dropping spectacle fit for Dumbo and see Disney magic at its finest.

Walking inside you saw ribbons draped from the ceiling to give the feel you are inside a circus tent. In the very center, your eyes are drawn to a very tall platform with Dumbo standing on top in the center of it all. Then you look around you and see jugglers, and aerial acrobats in stunning costumes throughout the space. Disney did such an amazing job making everything feel immersive and transporting you to a different place that you had to take several glances to notice all the performers around you. You just truly felt as if you were in the movie. There were also amazing displays of costumes, movie props, food, and dessert bars with the most adorable circus animal cookie cupcakes.

And I have to give it a shoutout, because it is the most brilliant brand partnership ever, there was a Dumbo-themed display stand for Kleenex where they were giving people packets of Kleenex to prepare for the movie. (I definitely made use of these during “Baby of Mine”)

But probably the best part of the premiere, and really what makes it a memory you will never forget, is seeing the cast and creators of the film at the premiere party. Normally when you see filmmakers or actors, it’s in a meet-and-greet setting where you say a few words and take a picture and get an autograph, which don’t get me wrong, is still very special. But seeing them mingling with their friends, and excited before getting to show a movie that they’ve poured so much of themselves into is really special. They aren’t being rushed for pictures or autographs, they’re just having fun celebrating something they’ve created together and are ready to now share with the world. (I mean, how often do you get to see Tim Burton sipping a coffee and saying hi to his friends, like Deep Roy, who are attending the premiere?)

The World Premiere Screening

After the party, it was of course time for the moment to see the film! We walked across the street to the El Capitan Theatre where the screening would take place. We happened to be walking a few feet behind Tim Burton when we were crossing Hollywood Boulevard, and it was really cool to see him saying hi to so many fans who had waited hours on the street for a chance to see him as he passed by!

At the theatre, the iconic El Capitan marquee said “Dumbo World Premiere”. Seeing the words “World Premiere” on the marquee on Hollywood Boulevard is a site that just emits Hollywood magic, and something that always makes me well up with joy. We sat in the second row orchestra right behind Scott Adsit (voice of Baymax) at the premiere, and before the movie I was able to have a nice conversation with him, and share my daughter’s only version of a fist bump she knows is by ending it with “Ba la la la la”.

The energy of the audience when you’re watching Dumbo in the same theatre as the actors and creators is amazing, and the reactions are always so wonderful to everything on screen! It was a night I will definitely treasure forever. I’m so grateful that I was able to attend because of my blog, something I created to share my love of Disney. Last night definitely proved that if you’re true to what you love and pursue your passions, your dreams you never thought possible can come true! Dumbo soars into theaters March 29th.

My experience attending the red carpet Dumbo premiere!


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