Every Way to Experience Halloween at Disneyland Park

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Every Way to Experience Disneyland Halloween Time

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019

The big draw this year may be Oogie Boogie Bash (which requires an additional event ticket), but there are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland with regular park admission! Each year, it seems they offer more and more variety, I am always so impressed with how many ways you can experience Disneyland Halloween Time! And if you don’t have your trip planned yet for Disneyland during Halloween Time, be sure to check out the amazing ticket discounts, as well as ticket and hotel combo packages from Get Away Today here!

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019


Dapper Dans

As far as entertainment goes, Disneyland always takes the cake! They have lots of specifically seasonal offerings, including a Halloween-themed performance from the Dapper Dans on Main Street, USA! You can find the times for their daily performances on the Disneyland app, then navigating to Entertainment listings.

Disney Villains Dance Party

They are also offering the Disney Villains Dance Party in Tomorrowland. I love that the dance party is a pretty even mix of kids and adults! They play amazing bops, and a host on-stage shows some dance moves to try out! The best part? A ton of Disney Villains go onto the dance floor to dance, interact, and take pictures with guests. Since you’re doing an activity with the villain, the interactions are very fun and natural since they are mingling rather than doing a person-by-person meet-and-greet. Some of the villains we danced with the first day of Halloween Time were Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drisella, Captain Hook & Smee, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts. You can experience this from 7-11pm.

Halloween Screams with Fireworks

In recent years, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party has been at Disneyland, so you could only experience the Halloween-themed fireworks if you had tickets to the after-hours event. Since the after hours party is at Disney California Adventure this year, all guests can experience the fireworks at Disneyland, which also includes a projection show on the castle! The projections on the castle to me are the main appeal, as well as seeing Zero fly over the castle. These are great additions making this fireworks show very unique from any other, but I personally feel you do need to get a spot for fireworks super early so you can be near the castle to be able to see those special touches. Friday-Sunday the show is at 9:30 paired with fireworks. Monday through Thursday it is the Halloween Screams projection show only without fireworks.

Character Meet-and-Greets

One of my favorite parts about Halloween Time at Disneyland are the character costumes! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Chip and Dale are in special Halloween costumes until October 31st! They have very frequent appearances on Main Street, USA.

Halloween Time with Toddlers

Photo by Katherine Rose Photography

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019

Photo by Katie Pritchard

In addition to Mickey and friends, there are a few Disney Villains out-and-about, as well as Jack and Sally in New Orleans Square, who meet-and-greet near the Pirates of the Caribbean exit. The best way to see a character you’re hoping to get a picture with, check the Disneyland App, and go to characters and you can find the times they will be out! For the first time this year, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Haunted Mansion, you can meet the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Tightrope Walker, and Constance Hatchaway. They are in the same spot as the Sally and Jack meet-and-greet, but only come out when it’s dark on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They tend to duck away once it’s 8:30pm to not conflict with the noise from Fantasmic! and after the show is over will resume. The three Haunted Mansion meet-and-greets rotate out, so when you head in line you could get any one of them when it’s your turn. Also note these aren’t listed on the app, so if you’re there at night on Friday, Saturday or Sunday they should be there!

Halloween Treats

I think that the Halloween Time treat selection at Disneyland this year is the biggest ever! At locations that offer seasonal food you can pick up a Foodie Guide pamphlet that lists every seasonal food and location. You can also find the Foodie Guide on the Disney Parks Blog here. We tried the Mickey mummy macaron from Jolly Holiday, that had a cookies-and-cream flavor, and as expected, this macaron is AMAZING!

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019

Some other treats that are on my list of most excited to try are the chocolate-coffee yule log from Plaza Inn, and the pan dulce ice cream sandwich from Rancho del Zocalo.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Halloween Merch

There are so many cute Mickey Mouse pumpkin-themed merch (including an adult Mickey Mouse pumpkin hat this year) which I did a post about showing all the photos, and 50th anniversary Haunted Mansion merch this year!

In addition, there are special souvenir cups, which is a poison apple souvenir cup at select snack carts and food locations. This year it is a purple poison apple cup. They also have a Halloween Time souvenir soda or coffee mug, and a $4.99 purple poison apple glow cube to add to drinks at select locations. For popcorn buckets this year, they have a Mickey Mouse pumpkin bucket for $18, and then a $20 purple cauldron bucket that is exclusive for Annual Passholders, and come with $1.50 refills.

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019

Haunted Mansion Holiday

And of course, last but certainly not least, Haunted Mansion Holiday! I love this holiday overlay unique to Disneyland, where from Halloween Time to the end of Holidays at Disneyland you can experience the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at Haunted Mansion. Fans know to be on the lookout for the gingerbread house in the ballroom scene, which changes each year. This year? It is a gingerbread house replica of Haunted Mansion with a big 50 on it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ride.

Book Your Disneyland Halloween Time Vacation

Those are the many ways to experience Halloween Time at Disneyland from now until October 31st! For the best discounts on Disneyland tickets or ticket and hotel combo packages, visit  my Get Away Today affiliate page!

Disneyland Halloween Time - all the ways you can experience Halloween at Disneyland 2019

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