Countdown to Disney Cruise! Disney Potty Training Reward Chart

Countdown to Disney Cruise! Disney Potty Training Reward Chart

If you’ve checked out my Instagram lately, you may have seen that I am headed on a Disney Cruise with Disney Social Media Moms! Disney Moms hosts a Disney World and Disney Cruise trip once a year, a place where fellow Disney bloggers can meet, learn, and grow. It will be my daughter’s very first Disney Cruise, and she is beyond excited! I want her to be able to have the best time of her life and experience the kid’s area, called the Oceaneers Club. It looks like it’s packed with so many incredible experiences that I know my daughter will love. To enjoy the Oceaneers Club, a child needs to be three years of age and fully potty trained (meaning they can go independently to the toilet on their own).

My daughter had been showing signs that she was ready to be potty trained, and with the Disney Cruise coming up, I thought now is the perfect time to do it, and a Disney Cruise is great motivation for my daughter as well. We had been doing some potty training here and there, and had gotten to the point where she would go at home but not out in public (automatic flushers are the worst for potty training, too scary for little ones!).

I made a simple DIY chart counting down to our Disney Cruise, to help give my daughter encouragement and even more excitement about potty training! You can replicate this chart for any Disney countdown, whether you want to treat your little one with a day at Disneyland, Disney World, going to see a movie in the theatre, or picking out a treat at the Disney Store, there’s so many fun things you could count down towards to help reward your little one on such a big milestone!

I put slots for 18 days on the chart (the amount of days before our cruise). Then there’s plenty of spaces for her to put stickers on each time she uses the toilet. On the bottom, are Bonus Stickers! The bonus stickers are for each time she uses the toilet without help (pulls down underwear, potties, and pulls them back up). So far, it has been working great and she hasn’t been hesitant to use the toilet! I will keep adding updates about our progress as we work towards the Oceaneers Club on the Disney Dream!

For those also beginning their potty training journey, a couple of items have helped in addition to the chart: Training underwear, which feel like underwear but have a little padding, so if there’s a small accident it won’t leak. I found Disney Princess ones on Amazon. For night time, I use Pull-Ups, since we haven’t conquered night time yet (I will save night time training for after day time is 100% consistent).

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