Disney Magic Indoors – How We Are Spending Our Time Indoors

I posted in my Instagram storiesInstagram stories earlier today, but felt I had quite a bit to say about the coronavirus situation. Not meaning I’m here to give health advice or expertise, but just from the perspective of a Disney-loving mom, as well as someone whose job and income lies largely with their theme park based blog. As of Tuesday, I was going to Disneyland and had just got back from Walt Disney World and hadn’t felt too concerned. Obviously taking the situation seriously, but it seemed under control if we all washed hands, wiped down surfaces and were careful not to touch our face.

But then with the events of last night, things took a turn on everyone’s anxiety it seems. Between the state of the union address which included the European travel ban, the NBA season being put on hold, and Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson getting sick, it was beginning to seem clear that if things didn’t change we may have the same fate as Italy. With so many events getting cancelled, it seemed like it could be just a matter of time before stores start closing too (just my assumption). It would be a good thing to have people stay home even for a couple days because it seems it would drastically help.

So like most of America, apparently we were all on the same page to get prepared to stay inside. (1) In case stores close, (2) In case things come harder to come by with so many workplaces closing, and (3) so we can all do our part by staying indoors. So I went to a few grocery stores today (because most places were out of something I needed). Going to stores today was really emotionally draining and scary. No one, I mean no one was there to just shop. Everyone seemed to be buying supplies in case of a quarantine. It was an eerie, apocalyptic type feeling. No living person has experienced a pandemic like this, so this is a very surreal, scary feeling. 

Disneyland is Now Closing

After the eerie feelings of today and the new news last night showing how bad this is all getting in the United States, I decided I didn’t want to go to Disneyland in awhile. Well, Disneyland made the decision for everyone and announced they are now closing as of March 14th (Downtown Disney will remain open the 14th and 16th). Shortly after, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Disney Cruises announced they are closing as well.

Before the closure announcement, I was already feeling fearful for my blog, aka my job. I know with the pandemic aside from getting sick, people are really nervous (myself included) on what this will do to our jobs and the economy. Having worked my butt off to become knowledgeable in theme parks (particularly Disneyland) and center my content around Disney Parks and Disney travel, I am afraid this will severely hurt my job. Other bloggers are too. Website views = ad revenue. In addition to that, I am becoming fearful perhaps sponsored content I have in the works will get put on hold. It is a scary, scary time for us travel and Disney bloggers job wise (as for many). 

The last couple days, I will be completely honest, I’ve already seen a big dip in my blog traffic. Understandably since people don’t really need tips for vacations right now, and everyone is glued to the news. In addition to being fearful about my blog and years of hard work building a career centered around theme parks as my niche, I am also fearful about protecting my daughter.

None of us know what the end result of this pandemic will be, when the worst will blow over, how long schools will close, etc. It is a challenge as a parent I never thought I would have to face. To be awake at night wondering how to explain to my five year old what’s happening, and possibly have to comfort her if we are quarantine, or society is in chaos. It feels like something out of a sci-fi movie I never thought would be a reality in my lifetime.

Disney Magic Indoors 

While I spent my night last night having literal panic attacks simultaneously worried about my self-employed job and having my daughter having to experience modern history’s worst pandemic, I am slowly trying to regain my focus and think of what to do to find some positive solutions to these concerns. Aside from getting supplies and necessities in case of stores closing like I did this morning.

While my blog has had its focus be the Disney Parks and travel as of late, I decided I was going to take matter in my own hands and focus on sharing about Disney Magic Indoors, like free printable Disney coloring pages, recipes, baking and crafts. I will be sharing this type of content on my social pages and my blog, having a section on my homepage where you can find these activities to have Disney magic indoors while we are all trying to stay safe. 

I will be doing this for a couple reasons. Not only to help support my blog/my job during this time where we will all I’m sure to some extent experience job hardships. I want to make sure I keep my Google ranking up, and stay relevant on Pinterest in an effort to make my job not falter as much during this time. The other reason is, I want to keep my panic attacks in check. I want to make sure I’m focusing on having fun with my daughter rather than checking the news and panicking. I want to give her Disney magic while we are laying low primarily at home instead of panicking. And I’m sure many of you with or without kids feel the same. We could all use Disney magic more than ever right now, and I hope you find my blog section Disney Magic Indoors helpful during this time of uncertainty.

And if you love a blogger’s work or you have blogger friends, sharing some of their blogs or visiting their blog would be super helpful to support their jobs right now! 🙂 

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  • Keshia 4 years ago Reply

    Jess! Sending you and your family all the good vibes and hope you are all staying safe! I know exactly what you are going through and a lot of those same thoughts were running through my head today. I check your blog regularly and love reading your travel tips and content! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the table with your Disney magic indoors series 🙂

    Stay safe and take care!!!

    Jessica 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much for your kind words Keshia!

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