Have a Disney Bath on National Bubble Bath Day!

Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day with these awesome Disney-inspired bath items!

National Bubble Bath Day

Today is a very important holiday: It’s National Bubble Bath Day! Not only are bubble baths fun for all ages, but this day is an important one to help motivate all of us to set aside a little relaxation time today. Sometimes with our hectic lives, spending time to ourselves just relaxing can help us feel guilty (Although we all need some “me” time). Well, indulge in the pure relaxation of a bubble bath guilt-free, because science all shows that they have many practical benefits, such as: Relieving muscle pain, help improve our skin, help us sleep better, and help us feel more optimistic! Who wouldn’t want to do something that could accomplish all that?

And in case you were wanting to infuse a little more magic into an already amazing bubble bath, I’ve got you covered, with my round-up of Disney bath items!


Sea Salt Body Treatment


Anyone who has stayed at a Disney resort will recognize the H20 toiletries offered in the hotels and spas. We always take them home after a trip, but why not have the Disney hotel experience last a little longer? You can find full size H20 products on DisneyStore.com, with my favorite being this H20 Spa sea salt body treatment. I’m near certain this sea salt body treatment would be mermaid approved!


Disney Aulani Bath Robe


Not only do I love to use the H20 toiletries to help trick myself into having that Disney vacation feel, but I think it would also be amazing to walk around in a luxurious Aulani robe! (They also make Disney Cruise Line robes, too) What better way to get you in the mood for relaxation than with a spa robe from Disney’s Hawaiian resort? If you’re ready to get super cozy and feel like pampered royalty, you can find the robe here.



Disney-Inspired Candle Scents

If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you got to have a candle that brings you back to the magic! Walter and Rosie Candle Co. makes and sells wonderful candles that smell like your favorite Disney Parks scents. Mickey Waffles, Pineapple Floats, various hotels….she has a wide variety and are very high quality! You can find Walter and Rosie Candle Co. candles here.



Disney-Inspired Bath Bombs

Picture Credit: Pixie Dust Grotto

Picture Credit: Pixie Dust Grotto

I’m a tad bit obsessed with Pixie Dust Grotto’s Disney-inspired bath bombs on Etsy! Not only are these bath bombs a win because they are made with 100% essential oils, but they are so beautifully crafted, each one a work of art. She has bath bomb sets inspired by countless Disney movies, but this new Moana set has got to be my favorite. So throw in a bomb and watch the magic happen!



Disney Bath Toys

Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day with these awesome Disney-inspired bath items!

Disney bath toys are one of my top picks for a Disney-inspired bubble bath! And not just for kids, but for adults too. There’s just some soothing quality about playing with water, and let’s face it, in our hectic lives, we can all tune into our inner child! You can find Disney bath toys practically everywhere…Target, Amazon, The Disney Store. The more bath toys the merrier!


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