A Family Christmas Photo Shoot at Starbucks

A Family Christmas Photo Shoot at Starbucks

Recently, we took a family trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota! It was so fun and cozy to get to experience chilly, snowy weather at Christmas time (something that never happens here for us in Los Angeles). I thought Minneapolis would be the perfect place to do our Christmas photos, since it would double as our Christmas card and photos to remember our trip, as well. Rather than mailing out Christmas cards this year, since this has been a year of growing my blog and meeting so many amazing people through blogging, I thought it seemed fitting to do our Christmas card/letter as a blog post featuring the photos our photographer Everbranch Photography took for us.

This year started out very tough. My husband had gotten laid off from his graphic design job late 2016, and I wasn’t working. We needed to think creatively on how to work, and also have a creative outlet. I had started my blog last year, and this year really pushed myself, working full time daily and achieving new heights I never thought possible with The Healthy Mouse.

During this year, some highlights was that I was able to become a freelance contributor to Disney Family, which had become a dream of mine for years! Getting to make recipes and crafts with them has been the highlight of my career. Being a Disney fan, having the pleasure of getting to attend press conferences and interview amazing Disney talent was beyond my wildest dreams!

My husband had an art piece in a gallery for the first time ever, and has since had another piece on display at Popzilla in Anaheim.

My daughter has grown so much in personality and kindness this year, and is becoming quite the Disney fan (the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree).

In our daily lives, we love going to Disneyland, taking walks together, having movie nights, baking, and of course having family outings to Starbucks. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my Starbucks! Which is why we thought the perfect place for our family photos was a Starbucks in Downtown Minneapolis. It’s where we have many of our quaint family memories, conversations, and coloring book sessions together. The Twin Cities-based photographer Everbranch Photography captured our family’s dynamic beautifully in this candid lifestyle photoshoot:



I want to thank all of my friends, family, and the readers/followers of my blog. I started this blog completely from scratch just based on my passions in life: healthy living, family, and Disney. If it weren’t for all the people who believed in my visions, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dreams.

Photo credit: Everbranch Photography


A family photoshoot at Starbucks - Unique family Christmas photo ideas

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