My Yes Moment to Living a Healthier Lifestyle

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Being a healthy lifestyle blogger this may come as a shock to you, but I didn’t used to be all that healthy! When my husband and I were dating, we would eat fast food pretty much everyday, and never went to the gym (a walk here and there, but that was about it). I had lived a lifestyle like this for so long, of eating foods with little nutrients that it was just the norm for me. Something I did notice that was wrong though, was how we were always low on energy. It seemed hard to get things done, to get out of bed early to make those early college class times. It was the fact that we were overly low on energy that I knew we needed to make a change in our lifestyle.

When you’re in a life stage such as college, a career change, or busy with kids and a job, it’s very hard to say yes to change, since your mind is so preoccupied with the busy tasks you encounter everyday. I felt I was a bit stuck: I was too busy to cook, to figure out how to live a healthier lifestyle, so a change in how we ate seemed difficult. On the other hand, our feelings of low energy hindered our ability to keep up with our fast-paced life, so a change was necessary. I knew the sooner I said “Yes!” to change, the sooner I would get past this transition and into the lifestyle I craved.

Whenever you decide to make a transition into a healthier lifestyle, it’s always essential to take it step-by-step, to set yourself up for success. I wanted to begin with healthier eating, knowing that eating higher quality foods with real ingredients would give me more energy to be physically active and mentally focused. The issue of course, for myself and for many people, was finding the time and the budget to do that. I began my journey of saying “Yes!” to a healthier lifestyle with Well Yes! canned soup.

Well Yes!® soups have real nutritious ingredients, so I wanted to use these soups to get us started on our healthier lifestyle journey. Not only are Well Yes! soups more budget-friendly than fast-food, but since they had a wide variety of vegetarian soups that were filled with veggies, I was able to get a lot more veggies in my diet than ever before.

As we all know soups are very convenient and easy to make, which made a carefully selected ingredient soup like Well Yes! essential in my family’s journey to healthier living, helping me develop more of a taste for nutritious ingredients and achieving my goals without worrying about my schedule or my grocery budget. Some of my favorite Well Yes! Soup flavors are Minestrone with Kale, Black Bean with Red Quinoa, and Tomato Carrot Bisque.

So often our excuse to not saying yes to living healthier is time and money, so what better way to take that first step towards your healthy lifestyle goals than with a simple food that helps you save on both time and money, and yet tastes hearty, and nutritious. And having healthier meals that are time-saving are essential, so that we can spend more time enjoying food with our loved ones!

You can say yes in taking the steps to your own healthier living journey by finding Well Yes! soups at a variety of retailers by clicking here, and find them on social media. You can also find savings off your first purchase of Well Yes! soups  with this coupon. Don’t forget to enter the #WellYesMoment Sweepstakes in the widget below for a chance to win up to a $500 Visa gift card! It’s as easy as clicking, logging in, and sharing your Moment of Yes story! If you win, think of all the ways you can use the prizing to achieve your Moment of Yes!

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