KidsEmbrace Disney Princess Belle Car Seat

Disclosure: This Belle car seat was provided courtesy of KidsEmbrace, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

KidsEmbrace Disney Princess Belle Car Seat

KidsEmbrace Disney Princess Belle Car Seat!

A few months ago, I surprised my daughter with a KidsEmbrace Cinderella car seat – she loves anything Disney Princess, so it always made her excited to go on a car ride, since it meant a trip in a Cinderella car seat! We needed to get a new car seat for my husband’s car, so we surprised her with KidsEmbrace’s newest Disney Princess car seat: Belle!

I love all the rose detailing and sparkles of Belle’s dress, and the rose on the belt buckle! Plus, it’s always a bonus that KidsEmbrace car seats have two large cup holders, that they design to go with the rest of the car seat. We dressed my daughter up in her Belle shirt, and she grabbed her Belle doll to take with her, to match her shirt! We told her we had a surprise waiting for her in the car, and she was beyond thrilled to see one of her favorite Disney Princesses as her new car seat!

She is so excited to go on a drive, whether it’s a long drive in traffic or a quick errand she’s as happy as can be in her Belle car seat fit for a princess! I just love that KidsEmbrace car seats have so many wonderfully detailed character car seats, to help make car seat safety fun and comfortable for kids!

You can check out the KidsEmbrace Belle car seat, along with their other car seat designs by visiting their site here. One would make the perfect holiday gift for any prince or princess!

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