Enjoy the Gift of Giving Back


Enjoy the Gift of Giving Back

This post is sponsored by Amazon, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of the things I strive to do as a mom with my four-year-old daughter Amelia is teach her how to give back. And most importantly, give back alongside her, as well as demonstrate giving back as her role model whenever possible!

For example, each year we participate in the local CHOC Walk where we raise money and walk together to support families who have children at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. This has been a great bonding activity, as well as a great way for her to understand how she’s giving back! Hearing about the family’s personal stories at the hospital help her know how important the walk is to their care.

With the holiday season being one of love and giving back, my family loves to find little ways to give back that are fun for my daughter so we can raise her as someone who strives to do the same, and better understand the joys of giving.

This year when we go to stores and find good deals on toys or toys Amelia thinks another child would really like we’ve been purchasing and collecting it to then donate to a holiday toy drive this month.

She has particularly shown an interest in dogs this past year since we adopted our rescue dog Daisy a year ago. She’s even said that she wants to have a job where she works with dogs when she grows up! I thought it would be great to encourage her love of animals by giving back to them for the holidays.

We did this last year by baking dog biscuits and bringing them to our local animal shelter, and it brought the employees at the shelter a lot of joy as well as Amelia!

This year we will be doing that again, as well as donating through AmazonSmile Charity Lists. If you’re unfamiliar with AmazonSmile Charity Lists, it’s one way Amazon makes it easy for you to donate. y

What Are AmazonSmile Charity Lists?

AmazonSmile Charity Lists allow you to browse through hundreds of non-profits on the AmazonSmile homepage. If you’re not sure who exactly you want to donate to, you can even browse by category of the type of charity you’re interested in supporting.

Once you select one, you can then find the organization’s Charity List of items that they need. In our case, we selected Best Friends Animal Society’s Los Angeles Life Saving Center since we adopted our pup Daisy in Los Angeles.

From your account, you can purchase items from their list and check out as you would with any other Amazon purchase. But the easiest part? When you purchase directly from an AmazonSmile Charity Lists, the items get shipped directly to the organization itself!

It was really fun for Amelia to help me select which items I would purchase to give back to BFAS Los Angeles Life Saving Center this year during the holidays and give back to them since our dog Daisy brought us so much joy this year!

More Ways to Donate with AmazonSmile

Another way we also help donate throughout the year is through shopping via AmazonSmile.

AmazonSmile allows you to select the non-profit you want to support, and then with every purchase you make on Amazon, a portion of the proceeds will automatically go to them! If you have holiday shopping to do, now would be a great time to start shopping on AmazonSmile so that a portion of all your holiday gifts (you can visit Amazon’s Holiday Store at smile.amazon.com/holiday for an easy way to get a jumpstart on holiday shopping) and necessity purchases will help also give back!

The third way is by donating through Alexa. All you have to say is “Alexa I want to make a donation” to get started to give back! Whether you want to do this just on your own for the holidays, or give a donation in someone’s name for the holidays this is a super easy option.

And there you have it! The three ways you can give back right from your Amazon account, and enjoy the gift of giving back this holiday season. You can get started right now here on AmazonSmile.


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